Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reading survey for english 2013

Q: what kind of books do you like to read?, why do you like them?

Personally I like to read action/adventure/mystery books that are intertwined
with a mushy love story.
I am not exactly your stereotypical guy as I do prefer the "mushies" over the
actions! I'm not exactly sure why I enjoy the books I do, whether it is because
I'm a hopeless romantic or just prefer them I don't know, whatever the reason
may be, those are the books I enjoy reading!

Q: When you read what happens inside your mind?

When reading, my mind enters a new stage of awareness, I get engulfed in what
I read sometime to the point where all else around me fades away and my imagination
and logical reasoning take over.
"I read and I enter a new universe"-Sound director at Lucas Arts (name unknown),
when reading I see what they see, feel what they feel, know what the know, however,
I also reason and think on what is happening at the same time!

Q: Besides books, what other kind of reading material do you enjoy?

Other than books I enjoy reading multiple virtual materials, I have sat hour after
hour reading information about objects, space, and even video games!
Mass effect, an absolutely beautiful story, the game has an interactive story-line
that puts it into an entirely new category with no other the the legendary Final
Fantasy games, playing Mass Effect 1 through 3 is more like watching a movie than
it is playing a game!
... Sorry I ended up gushing about the game... again.

Q: how have you changed since last I taught you?

Since last taught I would like to believe I've changed a bit, at least in my work
Over the summer I worked many a day, and in turn, gained a new-found respect for
teachers, paras, school and the like.
Looking back at how I treated work and teacher I realize how much of a pain in the
neck I was, and I realized that the only reason I've made it this far is due to the
kindness of those who taught me.
I have made it a personal goal to be better than I was in previous years!

            TECHNO "DO-YOU"
Q: Do you have a smart phone with internet access?, tell me about it.

No I do not have the luxury of owning a smart phone, or any other phone for that
matter, however I do have a laptop that was gifted to me.

Q: Do you have access to a laptop/tablet/ipad/ipod touch that you could bring on a
daily basis?, tell me about it.

I do not have a tablet, ipad, ipod, or any other device other than a gifted laptop.
My laptop is 360GB HP with 4GB of ram an ATI Raedon 6310 HD graphics card and running
windows 8 with Ethernet and WiFi connection capabilities!

Q: Do you have an E-reader or any other device you can e read on? tell me about it.

My laptop has access to both apps for E-reading and internet for other types of
information gathering and reading.

Q: Do you have a twitter feed? tell me about it.

No I do not, I tried once and never got the hang of it, too confusing and takes
more time out of my life to maintain than is available.

Q: Do you have a blog? tell me about it.

I do have a blog as during holidays and weekends I have time to maintain them
although I deleted most due to very little material.

Q: Discuss your interest in using these/learning about these forms of technology in
the course.

I am interested in how I can get more use out of my new laptop and the different
techniques used in class but other than that I don't really have any other interests!


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