Monday, October 21, 2013

English quick-write #2 - Most terrifying evil fictional species

I checked the writing prompts site to find this one and as soon as I saw it I immediately thought of Starcraft's Zerg faction. The Zerg are an alien insectiod race that "evolve" by consuming their enemies and gaining their "essence", they destroy everything in their path and infest everything until they are the only ones left.

 There is a myriad of horrible creatures that if were suddenly turned real would cause devastation, horror, and a lot of people in "code brown!", take a look...


  1. nice job finding those. some were harder than others right?

    1. OH god! definitely, the easiest was the Hydralisk, there were thousands! But the Corruptor, I had to surf through 43 pages of pictures till I found it, more for the Ultralisk, and even still the Ultralisk was too glitchy for me to post to the blog!