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Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty (WoL), Starcraft 2: Heart of The Swarm (HotS), and soon to be Starcraft 2: Legacy of the void (LotV, originally Prophecy of the void -changed due to the public dislike of the word prophecy because it sounded religious -AND THATS EXACTLY THE POINT OF IT!!!- PotV) is my favourite RTS-Real-Time-Strategy- trilogy!

The mechanics of the game are vast and yet easy to handle, the graphics are stunning, the story is really well thought out, and actions that are made within one part of the game's story affects the other (ex: I chose to save Tosh instead of choosing Nova in wings of liberty and it affected my heart of the swarm dialogue and storyline as upon finding Jim Raynor -the main character for Wings of Liberty- takes him hostage and executes him on Tarsonis -the Dominions home-planet- *spoiler alert: they don't actually execute him!*).

In the game series so far I have finished Wings of liberty and saved Kerrigan, am Currently playing as Kerrigan in Heart of the swarm, and have just started the Swarm Host evolution mission
Captain Jim Raynor is one of three main character in the game Starcraft.
Picture courtesy of Wikipedia
designed by Chris Metzen, James Phinney and voiced by Voice actor Robert Clotworthy Raynor is the protagonist in Starcraft 2: WoL and is based on a character with the same name from the 1991 film Rush.
Aside from James "Jim" Eugene Raynor's laid back character and sarcastic sense of humor he is described as a true hero, an honorable man and a decent human being.

in the 1998 game Starcraft 64 James is first seen trying to protect a colony on the fringe planet Mar Sara (pronounced: m-are s-are-ah) from an advancing apocalyptic infestation force known as the Zerg. As Raynor battles the Zerg to the best of his abilities the marshal soon finds out that he has been abandoned by the confederacy, the governing and promised protector of  the terran race, to oblivion only to to saved by The Sons of Korhal (pronounced: core-hall), a rebel force that saves him and the colony from utter destruction.

Completely and thoroughly disgusted with the confederacy Raynor and his militia join up with the Sons of Korhal lead by Arcturus Mengsk.
While with the Sons of Korhal Jim meets a terran ghost (Ghost, the name and profession given to gifted snipers with psionic abilities) named Sarah Louise Kerrigan, Mengsk's second in command, who he falls in love with.

In a nasty turn of events Mensk Betrays his second in command by planting a device known as a psi emitter on the planet where she is stationed to lure the zerg to the Terran owned, but Protoss occupied planet Tarsonis (pronounced: Tar-sone-iss) abhorring and appalled by Mengsk's decision Jim Raynor deserts the Sons of Korhal Hijacking the ship and crew on the Hyperion, Mengsk's flagship.

After the defeat of the Terran confederacy Arcturus Mengsk crowned himself emperor of the newly formed Terran dominion, a government equally corrupt as its predecessor. Sickened by Mengsk Raynor forms a new rebel group calling themselves the Raynor's Raiders. Plagued by low morale and smashed by the propaganda being unloaded by Mengsk Raynor fights back against new Terran dominion.

Sarah Kerrigan a Terran ghost is the former second in command for the Sons of Korhal and the current
Picture courtesy of Blizzard entertainment
Leader of the Zerg swarm.

Kerrigan is also created by Chris Metzen and James Phinney and voiced by Glynnis Talken for the starcraft 64 and the starcraft 64 pc remaster series and Tricia Helfer who voiced her for the starcraft WoL, HotS and to possibly voice for LotV.
Kerrigans human features as well as a bit of her infested features where influenced by Samwise Didier and Glen Rane as well as greek mythology.
Sarah Loise Kerrigan is first seen in the game Starcraft 64 when James Eugene Raynor joins up with the Sons of Korhal who she later falls in love with.

During the Brood war -a war against Zerg- She attends a mission to destroy the planet Tarsonis by planting a psi emitter to lure the Zerg. Unaware of a Protoss occupancy Sarah finds herself abandoned by the Sons of Korhal and with no choice but to rely on the Protoss' help, but to no avail, she is captured by the Zerg and mutated by the transplant of Zerg DNA from the Overmind into the Queen of Blades!

Zeratul, a 635 year old Protoss born in 1865 he holds the rank Prelate and is a member of the Nerazim
(Dark Templar).
Zeratul is a "dark warrior who champions the light", he has a strong hatred toward the Protoss conclave who banished his people to the darkened void-world Shakuras, But put his hatred to the side during the brood war and proffered a helping hand to the Khala following Protoss who recently lost their homeworld Aiur to the Zerg.

Zeratul is seen as "a dark and tragic character, having carried many terrible personal burdens." (Zeratul is unintentionally the destroyer of the Protoss homeworld Aiur--After killing the Zerg cerabrate Zasz he linked with the Overmind's mind unwittingly and learned many things but at the same time the Overmind stole the location of Aiur.--Later in the game he unknowingly is manipulated and lured into being forced to dishonour himself by killing the Protoss Matriarch Raszagal creating a strong sense of lost and guilt in him even though she thanked him. [Raszagal before her death was under the mind control of the Queen of Blades, Raszagal is a young Protoss Dark Templar female who defied the Khala -a psionic bond between Protoss-])


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